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Samson Solutions promotes solutions to clients' problems of any complexity, provides assistance for each type of activity. We provide consulting services to private organizations, a full range of legal and financial assistance. We help with registration of licenses for different types of activities. We work with clients from all over the world. Consulting is carried out regardless of the scale, the scope of the clients.

List of our services

We provide a wide range of consulting services:

Opening and conducting of commercial activities in the Czech Republic;
Financial audit;
Optimization of business processes, strategic, operational consulting;
Comprehensive support to the enterprise.

Our employees will perform legal and financial support of your business.



Formation and operation of a company

Samson Solutions consultants will help you to determine the required license of your company - s.r.o., a.s., PE, select the best form of taxation and the most profitable field of business activity. Our staff will simplify the process of company registration, provide consulting services for conducting business in Europe.

provide a legal address;
accompany all transactions;
help get the necessary licenses, apostille on documents;
hold a notarial, legal certification of signatures, documents;
give consultations;

Our employees will start and adjust all business processes, will engage in strategic, operational management of the enterprise.

Performance audit

Samson Solutions will carry out financial analysis of your company's activity, audit its strengths and weaknesses. At the end of the audit you will receive a detailed study, which will draw conclusions about the company and give recommendations for improving business processes.

Strategic Consulting

Consulting services on development of measures for further development of your enterprise in Europe, determination of maximum effective business strategy will be rendered by Samson Solutions company specialists. We will study, develop and implement promising projects for a particular company.

Operational consulting

Operational business consulting is aimed at identification and elimination of management mistakes. It is necessary in the search for internal reserves for business expansion. Improved coordination of activities, flexibility, manageability of the company - this is the result of finding the best solutions for your company.

Comprehensive support for your company

Samson Solutions Consulting Company provides related services to run your business. Our specialists will help with staff recruitment, launch and implement marketing campaigns, internal projects and, if necessary, provide visa support for relocation.

Managers will automate all business processes and build the logistics service. Consulting services of our company also include management of activities of your enterprise.

We will help you to find a solution to any of your problems

We will contact you within 20 minutes
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Advantages of working with Samson Solutions

Samson Solutions consultants are guaranteed to provide qualified assistance in development of your business in Europe. We offer mutually beneficial terms of cooperation to the organizations of any type of ownership:

for five years of work in the field of business consulting we have implemented more than 100 successful projects.
we constantly keep our clients informed of what and how managers are doing at the moment.
The company's employees are graduates of the Higher School of Economics in Prague - the most prestigious economic university in the Czech Republic.
all managers have considerable experience of working in the business industry in Europe and have ACCA and CPA accreditations.
our consultants are able to solve the most complex consulting tasks.
no personal presence of the customer is required for the growth and development of each business under our control.
our developments contribute to the effective development of your company, its strategic growth.
we also work with non-profit corporations, private individuals, agricultural enterprises on any financial, legal or management issues.
We advise on investments, real estate and asset management.

Samson Solutions will enable your company to be competitive in the European market for a long time. We offer the best consulting services in commerce, finance, management. We guarantee optimal support at every stage of cooperation, protection of personal data. In order to make our work more efficient and to fully satisfy our clients, we take into account the specifics of each client and his or her requirements.

To order business consulting services call + 420 774 501 511 or fill in the form on the website. Samson Solutions employees will promptly contact you and give a free consultation.