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Your business in Europe

Full range of consulting and business support services

expert consultation

We develop your business as our own​

We work with a wide range of worldwide clients across the globe​

Competent in all business processes​

Advantages of operating in the Czech Republic

♦ Remote control. All declarations are submitted electronically and do not require your personal presence.

♦ Setting up a company in 2 weeks. It is quick and easy to open a business in the Czech Republic. The minimum share capital — only 1 crown.

♦ Low and transparent taxes. 0% tax on retained earnings. 19% income tax for legal entities. Double taxation treaties with more than 60 countries.

♦ Favorable business climate. Fast and transparent communication with public authorities, subsidies and incentives for small and medium-sized businesses.

Access to European markets. Expansion of geography of your sales and services, boost your turnover, growth of your operations, opening of new branches and offices.

Our services

Company registration & ready-made company

Setting up a legal entity in the Czech Republic without your personal presence

from 800 €

Crypto Licenses

Getting crypto licenses in the Czech Republic with full support

from 500 €

Financial analysis and audit

Revealing the strengths and weaknesses of your business strategy

from 600 €

Accounting services

Complete accounting services for various types of business

from 700 €

Full legal support

Full legal support for your business in the Czech Republic

from 800 €

Management consulting

Our team will be happy to provide our experience and expertise to solve your most complex problems

from 400 €

We receive an application.
We consult you free of charge and analyze your current questions and tasks.
We send you a business proposal.
We sign a contract.
We transfer tasks to your personal manager.
We get acquainted with the primary documentation.
We send you the results of the express audit, along with a follow-up plan.

We make your business easier and more profitable!

Our clients choose professionalism and reliability

We will help you to find a solution to any of your problems

We will contact you within 20 minutes

Thank you for your request, we will contact you as soon as possible