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Legal services


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SAMSON SOLUTIONS offers a set of operational consulting services to solve management problems, make your company well balanced, flexible and manageable, find internal reserves for growth and focus on achieving your goals.
  • Development of a business plan and terms of reference for reorganization activities.
  • Automation of document flow.
  • Implementation of a business planning and budgeting system.
  • Ensuring security of business processes.
  • Organization of transaction processing.
  • Organization of accounting and reporting.
  • Customer relationship management.
  • Organization of work of remote subdivisions.
  • Implementation of an effective personnel motivation system.
  • Carrying out target marketing research.
  • Organization of PR and advertising campaigns.
  • Optimization of deliveries and logistics.
  • Evaluation of reorganization performance. creation of organizational and technical capacities for reaction to fast paced market changes.
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SAMSON SOLUTIONS allow your company to remain competitive on the European market in the long-term outlook. All our employees are professionals in their fields, graduates of the best economic university in the country — the Prague University of Economics and Business; they have many years of experience in leading consulting companies in business, law and finance. With us, your business is in good hands!

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