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Crypto license – VASP


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Our services

Classic (exchange between virtual currencies)

Required whon exchanging eryptocurroncy for a foo.

An exchange between cryptocurrencies to fiat money (exchanges, exchangers)

Allows a firm to exchange digital currency for FIAT or vice versa for a

Traditional (intermediation in the exchange of cryptocurrency for fiat money and one cryptocurrency for another)

When providing the exchange services of items 1 and 2

Specialized (crypto business work)

Companies introducing wallets for storing eryptocurrency, creating encrypted client keys, as well as storing them.

Our tarrifs


Corporate account for business activity + Board member/AML Officer with local residence + entire maintenance


Initial set up


Maintenance per month


Exhaustive set up of company infrastructure for the start of operational activity


Initial set up


Maintenance per month


Registration of the Virtual Asset Service Provider Under the minimum regulatory requirements


Initial set up


Maintenance per month

Registration of a company

The first step towards obtaining a Czech crypto licence is the establishment of a legal entity in Czechia, which can be set up either in person or remotely under a power of attorney.

  • The most common and convenient legal form for setting up a business in the Czech Republic is S.R.O. (Czech: Společnost s Ručením Omezeným), it is the equivalent of LLC (Limited Liability Company).

  • Minimum requirements for the amount of the share capital, which can be equal to 1 Czech koruna (CZK) and be paid in cash.

  • Participants and general managers of the company may be the residents of foreign countries.

  • The same person may be a member and a general manager of the company.

Registration of activities

Once a company is registered, it must notify the authorities of the Czech Republic of its intention to provide services related to the exchange or storage of cryptocurrencies by submitting the appropriate application to the Trade Licensing Register.

Notification to the regulatory authority

Before starting operations, a cryptocurrency company must designate a contact person for quick communication with the regulatory authority and an AML officer (MLRO) to notify the regulator of suspicious and unusual transactions. FAU must be notified in writing of the appointment of a contact person and MLRO and their contact details must be provided. The contact person and MLRO may be the same person, who may be a resident of a foreign country.

Preparing the infrastructure

In order for a crypto business to function properly and to provide uninterrupted services related to cryptocurrency exchange, it is necessary to prepare and set up the appropriate infrastructure: open a current account with a bank or payment system (SWIFT, SEPA), create a corporate account on a cryptocurrency exchange, set up automated accounting of dealings and transactions, ensure collection and secure storage of information about clients and transactions made by them.

Start of activities

Upon completion of all the steps outlined above, the crypto project will be ready to start active business operations and service its clients in accordance with all legal requirements of the Czech Republic.

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